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Jim Bennett is a musician, pianist, composer, accompanist and music director. He loves to play ragtime, stride piano, swing, blues, rock, classical and more.


One of the things that sucks about playing piano is, unless you have a whole lot of extra time to do it yourself, you have to hire someone to tune your instrument. How many other musicians have this unique (and expensive) distinction? I can only think of other keyboardists–organ, harpsichord.

The thing is, piano is such a cool instrument. It’s like having an orchestra under your fingers, or at least a chamber ensemble. The piano is a string instrument but those strings are struck by hammers which are controlled by fingers touching the 88 keys. The only thing the pianist has to control the sound is his or her touch. That, plus a bit of volume control and sustain via the foot pedals. 

Somehow, I was drawn to the piano many years ago (really, like eons…) I love playing it. It’s hard and fun and there are so many amazing players out there to listen to. Some of the ones I’ve listened to and been influenced by include: Dave Brubeck, “Fats” Waller, Duke Ellington, George Winston, and Vince Guaraldi.

I grew up hearing and singing hymns, rock and roll, jazz, classical, blues, folk, and just about anything that came through the radio or the stereos in my house. Somewhere along the line I found that I could improvise on hymn tunes—in different styles. So, that’s a lot of what I do (though not all…) 

I’m still learning and plan to keep playing until I can’t!


Solo Albums


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Hymn Tunes for Solo Piano



Jim & Stephen Bennett

How Bright the Path

with Greg Jarrell

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